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July 2016 Newsletter


Headlines and Deadlines

  1. 26 August 2016 – deadline for entry to NEC Graduate Awards competition
  2. 25-28 September 2016 – 6th European Geosynthetics Congress relocated to Ljubljana instead of Istanbul
  3. 28 September 2016 – BGA Evening Lecture: Chris Ford on “Lessons from landslips affecting Network Rail infrastructure”
  4. 12th October 2016 – BGA Joint Lecture with IGS: “Geomembrane Performance in Landfill” by George R Koerner
  5. 20th October 2016 – BGA ECG Event: The role of numerical modelling in the design of major rock engineering projects” by Anastasios Stavrou
  6. 16th November 2016 – Geotechnical Engineering Lecture: “Geotechnical Engineering: the art of burying success” by Prof Jørgen S Steenfelt
  7. 7th December 2016 – Fleming Award Competition - Keynote lecture: “Geotechnical Characterisation: Recent Developments and applications” by Tony O’Brien
  8. other 2016 events and beyond to put on your calendar
  Wednesday 11 May Joint BGA ECG meeting with BTSYM Kathmandu Soil: Obstacles and Opportunities:  recording now available at
  Wednesday 18 May – 6.00 pm Joint evening meeting with OES Blue Piling Technology by Jasper Winkes – recording now available to BGA and OES members only:   contact or for link
2016 Annual Conference & Exhibition Wednesday 15 June   A full day conference showcasing the best of British research and practice in geotechnical engineering, with leading speakers from research and industry, an academic poster display, and an industry exhibition.

Thanks are due to our many corporate sponsors for their support which enabled us to offer this event free to BGA members and friends and provide extensive and enjoyable networking opportunities.

BGA AGM - Elections Wednesday 15 June Executive Committee Changes Ray Hobbs, Patrick Cox and Sergio Solera elected as Profs Kenichi Soga and Gopal Madabhushi both retired and Prof Stephan Jefferis assumed chairmanship; John Coggan of University of Exeter now represents ISRM interests in place of Gareth Swift.
BGA AGM - Subscriptions   2017 Subscriptions - held at 2016 rates £66 for ICE UK based members, £71 for non-ICE UK based members; £40 for standard students and retired members; add £10 for dual international membership; add £21 for overseas membership; £20 for Concessionary Students (first year only); free for Retired Life Members.
BGA AGM – Prizes   BGA Medal 2015 Quality and quantity created problems for the Review Panel but after much deliberation the 2015 Medal was awarded to Prof Hai-Sui Yu, Alec Marshall and Pin-Qiang Mo for their paper “Centrifuge modelling of cone penetration tests in layered soils” published in Géotechnique 65 No 6.
BGA AGM - Prizes BGA Masters Prize 2015 £500 won by Iona Richards of Oxford University for her dissertation on “The response of piles in clay to lateral loading” which she presented at the Annual Conference
BGA AGM - Prizes BGA Cooling Prize 2016 Helen Dunne of Oxford University presented with engraved Crystal Decanter and other prizes for her presentation “Finite element limit analysis of rectangular mudmats subject to combined loads” given first in Cardiff on 10th March 2016 and at the Annual Conference

FORTHCOMING UK EVENTS 2016 The ICE Bar will be open after all BGA 2016 Lectures to enable members to network with fellow participants – please support this initiative and make the most of the facilities available.It would be really helpful if you could let us know if your commitments prevent you from attending an event for which you have previously registered so that a) someone else may do so and b) we have a full theatre.

New – deadline extension 25 July 2016 ICE Coasts, Marine Structures & Breakwaters Conference 2017 5-7 September 2017- Liverpool:
  1-2 September 2016 MTGS 2016 Meeting of Teachers of Geotechnical Subjects: Edinburgh Napier University: contact Dr Daniel Barreto - for further information
  12-15 September Int’l Conference on Scour and Erosion Under the auspices of ISSMGE TC 213 at the Mathematical Institute, Oxford – see for further information.
New:   ICE West Midlands 14 September 2016 Re-engineering our cities’ conference Coventry: further information at
  Wednesday 28 September BGA Evening Meeting Chris Ford of the Rail Accident Investigation Branch to speak on “Lessons from landslips affecting Network Rail infrastructure”.   Further details in due course.
  20-21 Sept 2016 Construction Industry Summit: full details at
New Wednesday 12 October Joint BGA/IGS invitational lecture George R Koerner –  “Geomembrane Performance in Landfill”; booking details available shortly.
New Friday 28 October 2016 ICE Transport Asset Management Conference 2016 Full details at
NEW 16 November 2016 Geotechnical Engineering Lecture “Geotechnical Engineering: the art of burying success” by Prof Jørgen S Steenfelt
NEW 7 December 2016 Fleming Award Competition Keynote lecture:   “Geotechnical Characterisation:  Recent  Developments and applications” by Tony O’Brien




NEW 11 January 2017 ICE John Mitchell Award Lecture Dr Andrew Ridley –further details to be announced
  5-7 September 2017 ICE Coasts, Marine Structures & Breakwaters Conference 2017 Liverpool:
  6-7 September 2017 2nd Conf: Coupled phenomena in environmental geotechnics Leeds: call for papers to be announced in September 2016
  12-14 Sept 2017 SUT 8th Int’l Conf Offshore Site Investigation & Geotechnics Committee:   “Smarter Solutions for Future Offshore Developments” – London


New 1 August 2016 new system of Post Graduate Student Loans starts Announced by the Chancellor of the Exchequer last year, new master's students will be able to apply for Student Loans Company loans of up to £10,000 to pay for their courses.   See Martin Lewis’ information and advice at
New 26 August 2016 Deadline for entry to NEC Graduate Awards Graduates from a first or post-graduate civil engineering, or related, degree course in 2014 or 2015 and in the first two years of post-graduate employment are eligible to share in a £4,000 prize pot and act as an ambassador to the profession. Full details at  Simply complete the FREE online entry form.  Employers may also be recognised.
NEW 20 October 2016 BGA ECG Event At ICE Westminster:   The role of numerical modelling in the design of major rock engineering projects” by Anastasios Stavrou;  further details available shortly
New   City University new MSc Course in Temporary Works and Construction Method Engineering – see for flyer or e-mail for further information and to apply



Extended to 2016 Special offer for BGA members Canadian Geotechnical Journal Access all content electronically from CGJ from 1996 to 2015 for just $50 US instead of $246 US.   E-mail and type “CGJ_BGA personal subscription” in the subject field;  you will need your BGA membership number. Full details on BGA website.
Digest on BGA website ISSMGE News & Information Circular and

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Bi-monthly webinars ISSMGE   Webinar series – appx every 2 months, usually towards the end of or beginning of the month
NEW ISRM International Journal of Rock Mechanics & Geomechanics for Gas Petroleum & Water New journal exclusively dedicated to all ISRM members globally and all National Groups; see online version at Members encouraged to submit papers for peer review. For further information or contribute proposals and ISSMGE observations for the journal’s success, contact the Editor-in-chief at



ISSMGE – abstract deadline 15 June 2016 9th Symposium on Geotechnical Aspects of Underground Constructions in Soft Ground 4-6 April 2017:  São Paulo, Brazil.  Under the auspices of ISSMGE TC 204.  Coinciding with 4th Brazilian Tunnelling Congress and Latin American Tunnelling Seminar.  Full details at;   abstracts due by 15th June but extension may be granted.
ISRM 29-31 August 2016 EUROCK 2016 Cappadocia, Turkey - see for details.
  4-7 September 2016 3rd Int’l Conf on Transportation Geotechnics Guimarães, Portugal, full details at$
  5-9 September 2016 5th Int’l Conf on Geotechnical and Geophysical Site Characterisation Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia: under auspices of TC102, ISSMGE; full details at
  5 September 2016 Flat Dilatometer and Seismic Dilatometer Workshop At ISC’5, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia:
ISRM 12-14 September 2016 Ground Support 2016 8th Int’l Symposium on Ground Support in Mining and Underground Construction at Kulturens Hus in Luleå, Sweden. Full details at
Relocated 25-28 September 2016 6th European Geosynthetics Congress Ljubljana instead of Istanbul - Turkish chapter of IGS: programme unchanged.
  11-13 October 2016 9th All Ukrainian Scientific Technical Conference Dnipropetrovsk: “Soil Mechanics, Geotechnics and Foundation Engineering: Problems, Innovations and Implementation of Eurocodes in Ukraine”. See  Under the auspices of ISSMGE.
  14-18 November 2016 13th Conference on Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies EPFL, Lausanne – see for further information


  24-25 November 2016 3rd Int’l Conf GEOTEC 2016 Hanoi: 24-25 November – keynote speaker list includes Dr Jamie Standing of Imperial College; see


overseas activities 2017

  9-13 January 2017 16th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering Santiago, Chile; full details at
  18-20 January 2017 Int’l Workshop 2½ days on “Advances in Laboratory Testing and Modelling of Soils and Shales”, in Swiss Alps. Details at
New 4-6 April 2017 9th Symposium on Geotechnical Aspects of Underground Constructions in Soft Ground São Paulo, Brazil. Under the auspices of ISSMGE TC 204.  Coinciding with 4th Brazilian Tunnelling Congress and Latin American Tunnelling Seminar.  Full details at;   abstracts due by 15th June but extension may be granted.
  4-6 June 2017 Geo-Risk 2017


Denver, Colorado: ASCE /Geo-institute conference on “Geotechnical Risk from Theory to Practice”; full details at
  21-22 June 2017 EUROCK 2017 Ostrava, Czech Republic – further details at shortly.
  9-12 July 2017 Grouting 2017 Honolulu, Hawaii; full details at
  15-17 July 2017 GeoMEast 2017 Int’l Conf Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt
  17-22 September 2017 ICSMGE 2017 Seoul, Korea: further details available in due course from
  12-15 November 2017 2nd Pan Am Conf Dallas:  PanAm-UNSAT 2017: The Second Pan American Conference on Unsaturated Soils,


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