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Keynote Speaker for Fleming Award Evening Announced

Sponsored by Cementation Skanska

Fleming Award 2015

Sponsored by Cementation Skanska

Wednesday 9th December at 6.30pm

The keynote lecture will be given by

Duncan Nicholson, Arup


Developments in the Observational Method for Retaining Walls 

While the judges deliberate.

This presentation will review the background to the Observational Method process.  It introduces the new holistic approach to the Observational Method set out in the revised Ciria C580 (renamed C760), which is related to the Eurocode 7 requirements for the Observational Method and design parameters. Reviews of recent projects which have applied the Observational Method will be used to explain the C760 approach to design.

The use of real time monitoring and back analysis is discussed, together with current research into the reassessment of characteristic and most probable soil parameters using probabilistic methods.

Full Details to follow.

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