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Rankine Day Seminar on 18 March 2020 Cancelled

Rankine Day Seminar on 18 March 2020 has been cancelled

Rankine Day Seminar on 18 March 2020 Cancelled

The Imperial College Pre-Rankine Seminar on From Field and Laboratory Testing to Geotechnical Design, to be held on 18 March 2020, has been cancelled.

In a statement, the Geotechnics Section at Imperial College, as the event organiser, said:

'As spread of the coronavirus continues in the UK, Imperial College intends to remain open, however we are receiving advice to reduce large gatherings, amongst other measures to slow down its spread. Consequently, the customary large number of delegates coming to the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering for the seminar is likely to contribute to the significant mutual exposure of delegates and our students. It would additionally prolong the period of time for a large number of people, who may have travelled from afar, to be together during the afternoon seminar and the subsequent Rankine Lecture and dinner. Also, some of our speakers have, understandably, expressed unease about travelling at this time.

It is with deep regret that we have had to come to this decision to cancel the event.'

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