The British Geotechnical Association (BGA) is the principal
association for geotechnical engineers in the United Kingdom.

National Committee

The committee comprises a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, two Representatives of the Institution of Civil Engineers, nine Elected Members and one representative of each of the Geological Society of London (Geol Soc), the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3), the British Tunnelling Society (BTS). Additional committee members may be co-opted for periods of up to three years for the purpose of carrying out specific tasks. There are also three Honorary Officers (Secretary, Treasurer and Publicity Officer) who are not entitled to vote and who are not trustees of the charity.

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The current committee members are:

National Committee of the British Geotechnical Association


Martin Preene

Preene Groundwater Consulting
Vice Chair

Kelvin Higgins

Geotechnical Consulting Group
Honorary Secretary (Retiring)

Neil Smith

Applied Geotechnical Engineering / Gavin & Doherty
Honorary Secretary (Incoming) Nick Armstrong Fugro
Honorary Treasurer

Yvonne Ainsworth

ATD Engineering

Honorary Publicity Officer

Fleur Loveridge

University of Leeds

Shelagh Fleming

Institution of Civil Engineers
Elected member

Miguel Pacheco Andrade

Elected member

Rob Talby

Mott MacDonald
Elected member

Patrick Cox

Elected member

Ray Hobbs

Elected member

Sergio Solera

Mott MacDonald
Elected member

Vincent Nyambayo

Elected member

Susan Pollard

Elected member

David Toll

University of Durham
ICE representative


BTS representative

Paul Perry

Hewson Consulting Engineers
Geological Society Representative

David Giles

University of Portsmouth
IOM3 representative

Martin S Griffin

Land Science
ISRM representative

John Coggan

University of Exeter
Co-opted member – Rankine

Angeliki Grammatikopoulou

Geotechnical Consulting Group
Co-opted member – Early Career Group

Henry Tayler

Co-opted member – Early Career Group Dimitrios Daskalopoulos AECOM
Co-opted member – Technicians

Peter Reading

Peter Reading Geotechnical Consulting
Co-opted member – Chalk 2018 James Lawrence Imperial College
Co-opted member - Assistant Publicity Officer Ricciardo Impiumi Arup
Continuing member – FMGM

Andrew Ridley

Geotechnical Observations
Continuing member – Website

Peter Ingram

Guest - IGS

Chaido Doulala-Rigby

Guest - AGS

Adam Latimer

Ian Farmer Associates
Guest - Ground Engineering Magazine

Claire Smith

Ground Engineering
Honorary Member – ISSMGE

Neil Taylor

City University
Extraordinary Honorary Member

Robert Mair

Cambridge University

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