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The 6th ISSMGE McClelland Lecture

ISSMGE Conferences and Seminars
  • 12.09.2023
  • 18:00 - 19:30
  • The Great Hall, Sherfield Building, Imperial College London, Exhibition Road, SW7 2AZ
  • Event Type: ISSMGE Conferences and Seminars
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Time-dependent vertical bearing behaviour of shallow foundations and driven piles


Professor Richard Jardine of Imperial College London

12th Sep 2023 18:00 hours

The Great Hall, Sherfield Building, Imperial College London, Exhibition Road, SW7 2AZ

Event Information

The McClelland Lecture is the honour lecture of ISSMGE TC209, with the recipient selected by a panel of peers from across the offshore geotechnical profession.

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This event is free to attend.


Understanding vertical bearing behaviour is often key to foundation design. Assessing how this may change over time is crucial to project life-cycle analysis and allows designers to consider the potential benefits of pre-installing foundations or gradually building-up loads. Capturing the ageing processes is also key to assessing whether existing foundations can carry additional loads safely when modifying the superstructure or operating plant, addressing metocean or marine growth changes, assessing reliability levels or considering new loading cases, such as earthquakes. This lecture summarises recent developments in understanding the ageing of shallow foundations and driven piles. It reviews and reports experiments at clay, sand and chalk sites, supported by intensive characterisation, and emphasises the findings that are most important for practice and research.

Speaker Biography

Richard Jardine is Professor of Geomechanics and Proconsul at Imperial College London, where he has carried out geotechnical research, teaching and administration since 1981. His research focuses on soil behaviour and geotechnical engineering applications including offshore engineering, sustainable transport and urban development, climate change and cold region challenges as well as flood defence engineering. He has contributed to several major recent offshore piling research JIPs including the PISA and ISO Unified method development projects as well as leading the recent Innovate UK and ALPACA JIPs investigating pile behaviour in chalk. Richard has published over 300 papers and is a Fellow of the UK’s Royal Academy of Engineering and Institution of Civil Engineers. He has won 25 UK and International Research Awards and his major named lectures include the CFMS’s Coulomb Lecture (Paris 2006), the ISSMGE’s Bishop Honours Lecture (Paris 2013), the ASCE Sowers Lecture (Atlanta 2014) and the BGA’s Rankine Lecture (London 2016). Richard regularly acts as a consultant on international offshore geotechnical projects and is a member of the API/ISO, ISSMGE and SUT offshore geotechnics technical and design committees.

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