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Introduction to the BGA Geotechnologist Network

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Introduction to the BGA Geotechnologist Network


Dr Stephen Thomas of British Geotechnical Association

24th Oct 2023 13:00 hours

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The BGA recognises that there is a group of skilled, knowledgeable and practical individuals, working in the Ground Engineering Industry, who have a wealth of knowledge they could share with others in the industry, but who do not normally get the opportunity to speak at our events. As these individuals do not necessarily have professional qualifications, we have chosen to describe such a skilled and practical individual as a Geotechnologist.

We are therefore developing a BGA Geotechnologist Network; with the purpose of bringing such skilled and practical individuals together as a community within the BGA.

This event will describe the purpose and objectives of the BGA Geotechnologist Network, and will present initial ideas of how such a Network can be organised. Most importantly, he will be encouraging interested and motivated individuals to join the network, contribute to the events, and to help organise future events.

The BGA considers that 'Geotechnologist' is a description of any skilled, knowledgeable and practical individual, with experience working in the Ground Engineering Industry, but not necessarily professionally qualified. This could apply to individuals carrying out activities including, but not limited to, site investigation, laboratory and field testing, field monitoring, geospatial mapping, dewatering, piling, grouting, numerical modelling, drafters of drawings etc. The field is wide open, and we do not pretend to know all the possibilities, which is why we want to hear from all who consider themselves a Geotechnologist, or who indeed aspire to be.

A follow-up event will be held on 7 November 2023 and hosted by the Northern Ireland Geotechnical Group, in which Dr Thomas’ will share his personal, practical experiences (both successes and failures) during installation of groundwater control and dewatering systems and use it to illustrate the important contributions made by geotechnologists. This event can be accessed HERE.

After these initial presentations, the aim is that other individuals will be able to share their practical experiences of working in the Ground Engineering Industry. The first of these is on 21 November when Chris Wallace of Geolabs who who talk about some aspects of soil strength. A link to that event can be found HERE.

The BGA is very keen to hear from anyone who (either on an individual basis or on behalf of their organisation) is interested in becoming involved with the BGA Geotechnologist Network. Please get in touch by emailing the BGA at

Speaker Biography

Dr Stephen Thomas is an elected member of the BGA Executive Committee.

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