The British Geotechnical Association (BGA) is the principal
association for geotechnical engineers in the United Kingdom.

BGA Elections 2016

Five members have been nominated for the elections this year. They are:


Five members have been nominated for the elections this year. They are:

Ref Surname First Name Title Affiliation 1st supporter 2nd supporter 3rd supporter
1 Ciantia Matteo Dr Imperial College Catherine O’Sullivan Antonio Gens Tony Suckling
2 Corney D. Niall Mr Huesker UK Ltd Laurence Tomlin Patrick Cox Graham Horan
3 Cox Patrick Mr AECOM Stephen Corbet Peter Boyd Jonathan Gammon
4 Hobbs Ray Dr Ray Hobbs Consultant Peter Blair-Fish Neil Smith Christopher Menkiti
5 Solera Sergio Mr Mott MacDonald Ltd Peter Rutty Joseph Newhouse Tim Blower

The elected Committee members who will be retiring in June are Profs Kenichi Soga and Gopal Madabhushi, both of Cambridge University. Prof Stephan Jefferis, is the BGA Chairman and will serve for another year, until June 2017, when Dr Martin Preene will take over as Chairman.


The election this year will be run by Electoral Reform Services (an offshoot of the Electoral Reform Society). They will issue documents by email to members in the near future. Voting will take place electronically.  The small number of members for whom we do not have email addresses will be sent papers by post and will be able to vote either on line or by returning a traditional ballot form. ERS will ensure confidentiality of all data and of the votes.

Therefore you will shortly receive an e-mail from the ERS with details of the candidates and instructions for the voting procedure. The electorate will comprise members whose contact details are correct on the ICE database at 17:00 on Wednesday 20th April.

Please therefore:

  • Check that your e-mail address is up to date on MyICE by that date
  • Ensure e-mails from Electoral Reform Services – domain name are not automatically directed to your Spam Box.

The BGA Committee feels that the new voting procedure will be much easier to use, more secure and will lead to a much larger number of members exercising their democratic rights.

Note that the AGM papers will be sent directly from the BGA, by email or post.

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