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BGA Early Career Group expands to South West Region

The BGA Early Career Group expands to the South West region with the formation of a new ECG sub-committee!
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Early Career Group expands to the South West

Earlier this year, the BGA ECG Committee set out its vision to expand beyond the London region and establish a new sub-committee in the South West. Applications for the sub-committee roles of Chair, Secretary and Communications Officer were opened in May 2019 with the elections held at the September ECG Committee meeting. ECG South West shall work alongside the ECG Committee to continue to build a strong network between its members and the wider geotechnical engineering community, and to represent the views of early career members to the BGA.

ECG South West Sub-Committee

Following the ECG Committee meeting held in September, the following appointments have been made.

ECG South West Chair

The role of Chair was awarded to Safrizal Kasri of Atkins. The ECG Committee felt Safrizal's passion for the Ground Engineering field, alongside his experience in arranging lunchtime presentations and CPD events for his company, made him a worthy candidate for the ECG South West Chair. Within his application, Safrizal outlines his vision of ECG South West stating that "Sustainability, Digital Transformation and Automation of Design are three key areas that are rapidly defining the future of the industry and I wish to lead the BGA ECG South West to explore these topics more rigorously by providing the platform for knowledge sharing on these topics amongst the community of young professionals in the industry."

ECG South West Communications Officer

The ECG Committee voted to elect Rishi Sharma as the ECG South West Communications Officer. The committee felt that throughout his university career and work at Tony Gee and Partners LLP, Rishi clearly demonstrated his enthusiasm for Geotechnical Engineering, describing the field as not just a science, but also an art. Within his application, Rishi gave his aims for the ECG South West "I believe that networking, promoting, and expanding the group would be the three key things for a successful first year."

ECG South West Secretary

The role of ECG South West Secretary is currently vacant. If you are interested in this role, please send in your application to providing short answers to the following questions;

  • Why do you think you would be good for this role?
  • What do you hope to achieve on this committee?

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