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Themed Issue of Environmental Geotechnics (ICE-UK): Physical-Chemical Coupling

Themed Issue of Environmental Geotechnics (ICE-UK): Physical-Chemical Coupling

This is the announcement of the themed issue of Environmental Geotechnics: “Physical-Chemical Coupling in Environmental Geotechnics”. Environmental Geotechnics is a renowned Journal published by ICE (United Kingdom): Impact Factor 1.147 (two year); 1.248 (five year); SJR 0.602; SCI & EI.

This themed issue aims to fill the fundamental knowledge gap of physical-chemical coupling, which lies at the boundaries between traditional disciplines such as Hydrogeology, Geochemistry, Geomechanics, Geomicrobiology, Mineralogy, etc. The knowledge gap presents a significant hurdle to address the contemporary risks in geoenvironment (e.g. geo-energy, waste geological disposal, landfill, CCS, Chemical Soil Stabilization, etc.).

The Champion:

Dr Chen, Xiaohui

Associate Professor in Geotechnical Engineering & Chartered Environmentalist, University of Leeds, United Kingdom.

Deadline for Abstract submission (200 words): 31 August 2020

Deadline for Full papers submission:31 March 2021

The Abstract and Full paper will be subject to a standard peer-review process of Environmental Geotechnics.

Submit Your Abstract:

Direct Submission of Your Full Paper (Deadline 31 August 2020): if you have a paper ready for submission and it fits well in the scope of this Themed Issue, you are very welcome to submit your full paper directly. Please start the formal submission process of a new paper through Environmental Geotechnics Journal, and select the Themed Issue: physical-chemical coupling from a list in "Select Article Type”.

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