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​BGA Touring Lecture

The BGA Touring Lecture is biennial lecture by an international speaker and is held at three venues around the UK

The Touring Lecture was established by the British Geotechnical Society (the predecessor to the BGA) in the 1980s to provide support to Regional Geotechnical Groups in the UK by bringing eminent geotechnical professionals from overseas to deliver a lecture on their particular expertise. The Lecture is biennial and is held at three venues around the country, normally on successive evenings in early November. On occasion, the choice of venue is based on the topic of the Lecture, but it is not normally held in London. The Lecturer is selected by the BGA Committee, but Regional Groups are invited to offer suggestions.


Lecturer and affiliation

Lecture title


2022Mike Long, University College, Dublin, IrelandPractical Use of Shear Wave Velocity Measurements in Clays with a Focus on UK and Irish Clays

Glasgow, Belfast, Leeds, Manchester


Lisa Coyne, Golder Associates, Mississauga, Canada

Practical implications of subsurface uncertainty: lessons from 25 years of “dirt engineering”

Manchester, Glasgow, Leeds


Giulia Viggiani, Università di Roma, Italy

Tunnelling in the urban environment: engineering challenges and research

Belfast, Southampton, Birmingham


Eduardo Alonso, Universidad Politécnica de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain

Rapid landslides

Newcastle, Manchester, Sheffield


Carlos Santamarina, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

Energy geotechnology: the role of geotechnical engineers in the energy challenge

Birmingham, London, Cardiff


Serge Veraksin, Menard SNC, Paris, France

Concepts and parameters related to ground improvement illustrated by case histories

Glasgow, Manchester, Oxford


Carlo Viggiani, University of Naples “Federico II”, Italy

Geotechnical problems in the design and construction of Naples underground

Birmingham, Leeds, Bristol


Antonio Gomes Correira, University of Minho, Portugal

Geotechnics for pavements and rail tracks: innovations in construction and design

Glasgow, Swansea, Wokingham


Alain Pecker, Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussée, Paris, France

Earthquake engineering design of foundations: from research to practice

Southampton, Manchester, Newcastle


Trevor Orr, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland

Geotechnical challenges in Celtic soils

Glasgow, Manchester, Swansea


Manfred Stocker, Bauer Spezialtiefbau GmbH, Schrobenhausen, Germany

Special foundations: technical trends, codes and contract conditions in Europe

Birmingham, Manchester, Bromley


Antonio Gens, Universidad Politécnica de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain

New trends in unsaturated soil mechanics: from fundamentals to engineering practice

Portsmouth, Nottingham, Newcastle


François Schlosser, Terrasol, Paris, France

Soil nailing in retaining structures, slope stability, tunnelling and foundations

Manchester, Glasgow, Cardiff


Hans L Jessburger, University of Bochum, Germany

Geotechnical aspects of landfill design and construction

Birmingham, Guildford, Newcastle


Tom O'Rourke, Cornell University, Ithaca, USA

A tale of two cities – geotechnical lessons from the 1906 and 1989 earthquakes in San Francisco

London, Cardiff, Glasgow,


Elmo DiBiaggio, Norwegian Geotechnical Institute, Oslo

Field instrumentation – the link between theory and practice in geotechnical engineering

Birmingham, Guildford, Glasgow


Niels Krebs Ovesen, Danish Geotechnical Institute, Copenhagen

Design in geotechnical engineering

Birmingham, Cambridge, Edinburgh

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